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Conversations that help you – and others – create your desired future.

Fruitful conversations seek out the strengths and successes found in every person, group and organisation in order to inspire and build ways forward.

We work with teams or groups to help them learn or to find their energy and direction – usually by developing a stronger, shared vision of the impact of their work – and to establish co-operative working. Our approach boosts individual and team self-worth and demonstrates how valuing excellence in others is a key component in leadership.

The focus is on creating the conditions for learning and for vision setting to emerge – identifying the best of ‘what already is’ to pursue the ‘possibilities of ‘what could be’.


Our Fruitful Conversation workshops are designed as:

  • A tried and tested way of gaining clarity about the difference your organisation wants to make – exploring vision, values
    and strategy
  • Energising learning experiences
  • A way to enthuse teams – reconnecting them with an appreciation of their existing excellence as a building block to the future
  • An enjoyable route to developing your own best practices in leadership, team effectiveness and client or customer care.
Fruitful conversations help you find new frameworks for understanding people and situations and offer you energy and motivation on a sustainable basis.

Away Days

We help groups work out what is universally shared. We make it easier for people to think, work and talk together about how they are and want to be as a team. We explore which working practices will help them achieve their goals and enjoy the process of getting there. And, importantly, we can show them what kinds of conversations and dialogue to have with each other for lasting connection, trust and results.

Our workshops and away days can include:

Facilitation of strategy: these are team coaching events, where the purpose is to create a strategy that the team owns and is committed to deliver.

Vision and values workshops, where the need is to develop greater clarity and a shared view of the difference the organisation can make whilst drawing on what is important to those involved going forward.

External meetings: these might be specialist stakeholders or industry professionals convened for a project, to provide feedback or to agree a best practice approach.

Sharing best practice in communication and leadership

Managing change - even when change has been imposed, we can help teams explore what they can own of how the change is achieved.

Team-building – with creative, fun tasks and relevant discussion we help the team recognise and energise the excellence they already have, so renewing group hope, motivation and commitment.

Specialist services in healthcare communications

What’s different about our approach?

We use a process of positive questioning that collects and celebrates the best of a group or team to build common identity, spirit and vision.

We don’t focus on changing people – this can lead to low morale. Instead we devise tasks and ‘frames’ for building awareness of the effectiveness of what people are already doing. This creates an uplifting, energised state which means people are far more likely to want change and to pursue it.

We use constructive feedback from others to help individuals feel more valued and aware of their impact. We use team self-evaluation to help a group understand when and how they are at their most effective – and laughter is a key part of the process.

Building solutions
Fruitful Conversations see potential rather than problems
Building Solutions
Energy, vision & team effectiveness


'I think all the staff found it an extremely useful and motivating experience.'
David Brookes, CEO An Oxford Technology Company


'Thank you for your efforts in making our away day a success. My expectations of the day were certainly exceeded and this was in considerable part due to your actions.'
Luke Alphey, Director Oxitec Ltd


'Thank you very much for your facilitation expertise during our offsite. We are very pleased with the outcome - people got to know each other, shared successes and spoke openly about challenges. They also remained engaged for the whole two days. Thank you for keeping the pace and energy going.'
Christine Mage, Senior Director, International Medical Communications, Shire AG


'We took major steps forward on this project. Your approach was very constructive - I am particularly pleased we achieved a consensus. We also got alignment across the project stakeholders as well as the core team.'
Project Manager, Switzerland


'A leader, like the conductor of an orchestra, derives his true power from his ability to make other people powerful.'
Benjamin Zander in The Art of Possibility



» Example team-building workshop

» Example vision-setting workshop

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