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Writing development for pharmaceutical leaders & communicators

As a joint initiative with Susan Mayor Medical Communications, we provide development workshops & programmes designed to achieve positive change in writing for communicators and other professionals in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

We believe we offer something that is truly unique, experiential, energising and different. Our programmes bring together an understanding of your business environment, deep expertise in medical journalism/writing practices and knowledge of the clarifying processes of communications psychology.

The purpose of our work is to help your people further develop writing excellence for themselves and your organisation. We can also help executives lead, role model and evolve writing standards more widely using train-the-trainer approaches.

We help people to write so they can influence and lead with integrity in healthcare.

We run bespoke (and open) workshops – with further support options in coaching and one-to-one feedback. Our approach is person-centred and tailored, so we are able to start where your people are at.

We also design cost-effective change programmes where you want to address wider writing culture issues or to roll out development to a larger number of people.

We help individuals write with clarity and simplicity to achieve genuine communication and results.

We help organisations and teams examine their writing culture and communicate authentically.

What we do works because we:

  • Deconstruct medical writing know-how so that you can explore and learn the component skills
  • Draw on a very successful change model that enables you to plan the impact and effectiveness of your writing.
  • Help you work at the level of purpose, values and beliefs
  • Show ways of ‘translating’ the science for different audiences without losing meaning or accuracy and explain how science writing can best take account of human cognitive capabilities.
  • Build on existing strengths and provide some very specific new tools to use immediately.

As a result our input with your teams makes a real and tangible difference:

People are able to adopt more strategic processes and to write all types of documents – from emails, to press releases and major reports – more effectively.

They are more likely to achieve their outcomes through the credibility and persuasiveness of their writing as well as through other forms of communication.

They are more likely to generate dialogue with their readers/audiences having reflected on the audience’s needs.


Who we are...

Sue Mayor

Dr Sue Mayor
Sue is a highly experienced medical writer, editor and trainer and was recently voted UK Medical Journalist of the Year by the Medical Journalists’ Association. She has worked for 20 years in medical journalism and communications and currently combines ‘hands on’ medical writing – writing regularly for the British Medical Journal, where she was previously news editor, and for a wide range of pharmaceutical companies and other healthcare organisations – with training in writing and communications skills. She is trained in effective education, behaviour change and group work facilitation techniques.



Deborah Goodall

Deborah Goodall
Deborah is a qualified executive coach, trainer and NLP Master Practitioner. A former Head of PR at Merck, her working life began in healthcare communication and continues to be about helping individuals and organisations develop the vision, values and skills that allow for genuine communication and success in business.

Her workshops and coaching are directed at leadership development and at improving written and spoken communications skills.



What people have said...

"Susan’s credibility as a seasoned medical journalist coupled with Deborah’s professional coaching experience has created a highly effective approach towards leadership in writing excellence for our organisation."
Sarah Spencer, Head, Global Communications Excellence, GSK

"We have received fantastic feedback from the team here – they found it practical, informative and educational. Several said it was the best course they have been on."
Avril Lee, Deputy CEO, KetchumPleon

"This has been incredibly useful in my capacity as strategic communications overseer. ….the whole engagement piece has helped me to think how to establish an open and effective with our Local Operating Companies."
Donatella Latocca, Senior Manager, Product Communications, GSK

"I really enjoyed the day – the content, the format, the style of presentation – and got a huge amount from it….. The quality of my negotiations with my internal customers on media matters has improved overnight… I know my purpose and the rational for my structure."
Paul Hardiman, Communications Manager, Sanofi Pasteur MSD

Specialist workshops
Fruitful conversations also need to happen in writing
Positive Energy
Best practices in writing

Sue & Deborah’s programme is unique and cannot be compared with other types of writing training. It goes beyond teaching technique and seeks to truly change behaviour and thinking in the way we approach writing for varied and complex audiences.”  
Sarah Spencer
Head, Global Communications Excellence, GSK

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