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What we’re up to

All online for 2021

With face-to-face work looking set to be off limits for a while yet – we have reinvented more of what we do in an online format and created some brand new webinar offerings. 

Our coaching is now all virtual. We continue to offer performance and leadership coaching at mid-senior level and core skills coaching for more junior staff.


Two new webinar series launched for communications professionals:

Medical writing that is more compatible with how the mind operates. A series of four short webinars that unveil some of the processes governing how people take on board and relate to new information. The emphasis is on how to present information in both written and visual form to healthcare professionals to improve message clarity and recall.

What the brain reveals about our power to influence others. In two short webinars we introduce some of the most relevant concepts from behavioural science –  cognitive biases that influence and guide human behaviour.

Pricing and further details are given in the links provided above.  Please contact us if you would like to run these webinar series or for further information.


Tough times need leaders to dial up their skills

How to motivate remote teams

  • Increase psychological safety with better communication
  • Boost performance and wellbeing
  • Improve your virtual meetings and ono-to-ones

In these challenging times, we need leaders who can lighten the atmosphere while providing timely communication, better feedback, transparent expectations, improved delegation and more effective meetings. How do you do all that working remotely? And how do you avoid ramping up the stress of your team members by getting any element of this ‘wrong’?

We can help with the practical tools you need to manage people now virtual is the norm. And we can do that either through individual coaching or through a small group webinar. We will show you how to focus on outputs and set clear objectives so you and your team can perform.

If you are juggling with any of the changes in teamworking brought on by operating remotely or are simply curious to know what good practices can look like, these approaches could be for you. Do get in touch if you would like to find out more.


Extending the conversational range in organisations from science to advertising

Without effective conversations no organisation can operate. They are how we create shared understanding – and now they are having to happen remotely.

From scientific institutions to advertising agencies, from pharma to finance, from universities to utility companies – over the last year, we have worked with scientists, senior executives, communications specialists, boards and women’s leadership groups to develop more effective conversations and results despite changing circumstances.

We have seen a particular demand this year from those wanting to think through how to get the best out of working from home and/or remotely. e.g. how to get their needs met for the role when conversations are concentrated into ‘zoom moments’ rather than casual asides, how to ‘trust what the team are doing’ when it’s less visible, how to motivate when wfh and how to engage and present at a whole new level.

In particular, through our coaching, we have helped them:

  • Readjust – motivate and engage their teams while working remotely
  • Tell their story in interesting and genuine ways
  • Build their emotional intelligence, resilience and communications skills
  • Increase their personal impact, presentation and performance; and
  • Step up to leadership roles.

We have helped individuals and teams develop the communication, people skills and perspective to manage effectively when many were experiencing increasing levels of stress.

If you have similar challenges ahead, do get in touch to see if we can help.



Working with Engage for Success

It was a privilege to work with the Engage for Success organisation this year, gratifying to see some of our approaches put into practice and that our storytelling workshops are now included in their events programme.

May, 2019


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