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Communication and leadership

Develop skills and expand best practice communication, leadership and business relationships

Our aim is to help you develop a compelling business story and style of communication that attracts customers, employees and external interest for your organisation.

This often means building stronger connections with people and communicating with others in a way that invites engagement, lifts morale and stimulates discussion.

We work with you to extend your understanding and approach to communication and leadership and then help you put it into practice.

Effective leaders are able to build rapport and communicate so that others will join or follow. Typically, their focus is on other people and on higher level goals. They know how to ‘read’ a situation and to provide an experience of ‘shared meaning’.

We design bespoke sessions on a client by client basis approaching these topics from an angle that works for you.

We also help teach the skills of 'true dialogue'

One of the most precious gifts leaders can provide for their teams is the skill of 'true dialogue' - resulting in high levels of shared meaning and project ownership. Dialogue happens when people suspend their own world view and 'think together' in relationship. If you are a leader, you can do this by devoting the time to develop dialogue skills and personally modelling them in your daily communications (see How to hold a Fruitful Conversation). We will support you and help you start this process with our coaching or workshop approaches.

Our blended coaching and skills development packages can cover:

  • Communications excellence
  • Influencing with integrity
  • Leadership
  • Business relationships - client and customer care
  • Team effectiveness

Additionally, we work in partnership with:

Leading Change Limited on the communications aspects of change programmes; and
Susan Mayor Medical Communications on initiatives designed specifically for the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. See our programmes on writing development for healthcare leaders and communicators.

Understand others
Fruitful conversations are the essence of genuine communication
Positive Energy
Building connections

'Words as I speak or write them, make a path on which I walk'.
Diane Glancy, Cherokee poet

In just a few seconds we’re involved, attracted and interested - our attention is held. There is a connection, a chemistry, a place where we meet in terms of joint understanding and a ‘common truth’.
The Art of Engaging Others

» Download our interview on Engaging Leadership with Helen Toogood of Unilever

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