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Writing, language and leadership for better communication and team work:

For 2021, most of our workshops have been redesigned and are now available in webinar form. The focus in on improving written and spoken communication by drawing on insights from the field of behavioural science. Sessions include presenting, storytelling and writing that better matches how the brain operates.

We combine practical communication skills with relevant findings from cognitive science and communication psychology.

Once equipped with a greater understanding of how people process, interpret and act on information you can:

  • Inspire, persuade and motivate more effectively
  • Understand more of what is important to others before you act
  • Influence, connect and engage with people
  • Generate the results you want in writing or in conversation
  • Work with others in a more collaborative way
Communications insights from behavioural science

Two brand new webinars launched

We have two new webinar series in 2021 for communications professionals - where the focus is on improving written and campaign communication by drawing on insights from the field of behavioural science. » Read further

Medical writing that is more compatible with how the mind operates.

A series of four short webinars that unveil some of the processes governing how people take on board and relate to new information. The emphasis is on how to present information in both written and visual form to healthcare professionals to improve message clarity and recall.

What the brain reveals about our power to influence others.

In two short webinars we introduce some of the most relevant concepts from behavioural science –  cognitive biases that influence and guide human behaviour.

Further details will be posted here soon. In the meantime, please contact us for further information.


Present like a Storyteller

In webinar form for 2021

We don’t permit just anyone to influence us. Empathy, credibility and a sense of connection are required before we’re really prepared to listen. Knowing what we are triggering in others and aligning our ideas in story is a fundamental part of the way we present, influence and create change. Storytelling has the power to do what logical reason and analysis can't: to communicate a strange new idea and move people to action.

It is increasingly recognised as an important communications and leadership skill. And, although we are 'hard-wired' to respond to stories, many of us find it challenging to bring our right-brained capacity for stories into the left-brained world of business.
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A redesigned version of this one day workshop is now available as a webinar during 2021. The aim is to help you understand the importance of storytelling when presenting and speaking to groups and how to incorporate it as a natural part of what you do as a leader and communicator.

  • Understand how narrative intelligence can be vital to connect with stakeholders and reach your business goals
  • Learn what makes an effective story and how to follow the methodology and techniques
  • Discover how to find the right type of story
  • Draw on the practices of top business leaders and explore how to put storytelling into action
  • Increase your leadership presence and ability to influence using storytelling

This webinar is for senior leaders, communicators, change managers, project managers and anyone ready for the challenge of being a leader truly able to move others to action.  


Please email us if you would like further information on this webinar.
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The Cognitive Science of Words that Work

In webinar form for 2021

Can you pinpoint the qualities present in communications that work for you and those that don’t? And would you like a deeper understanding of how writing and language impacts us as human beings?

Writing is a major tool for doing business but it is also an unnatural activity. We are born with the instinct to speak; but not to write – and that matters. Effective business writing has to be learned and honed and benefits from a working knowledge of communications psychology.

Whether you are writing for clients or in-house for internal or external audiences, this workshop is for you. It looks at the psychological impact of written corporate communications and explores the interplay between language and cognition. It combines journalistic approaches with insights from cognitive science. » Read further

If you want your writing to generate the best possible results in a work environment then book this as a series of 3 or 4 webinars. Overall it will help you shape your own and your organisation’s communication style. It will help you:

Write with greater clarity, sensitivity and impact

Gain the tools to analyse language so you can turn your intuitions into advice

Challenge and avoid opaque communication that destroys trusting stakeholder relationships and strikes at the heart of employee engagement 

Dates and booking

This workshop is available on request as a series of 3 -4 short webinars. Please  email us with any questions.
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Personal and team impact

On hold for 2021 - alternative webinar versions available

We live in a connected world where our personal impact and reputation matter more than ever before. It is no longer enough just to do a good job – you need to know your strengths and for others to know them too. In order to find the most success, you must take conscious control of the messages you project - creating a consistent impact that others find easy to talk about.

And yet we rarely receive quality feedback that energises us or enables us to develop further. In this workshop, we help you gain insights into your current personal impact, identify some first steps to increase your personal effectiveness and visibility - as well as deepening your understanding of others in the team. » Read further

There will be a number of activities and a planning tool to get clearer on your strengths – as others see them – and to make developing your team and personal brand fun.

  • Gain insights into your own personal impact
  • Experience ‘fast-feedback’ and construct your own personal strengths statement
  • Develop some first steps in communicating and cultivating your personal (and team) effectiveness.

This is a short workshop where a team of 6 -10 is ideal to provide a positive environment and a dynamic exchange of ideas.  This session will provide insights, practices and feedback for up to ten people.

This workshop requires a face-to-face environment and is not currently available. We look forward to offering it again at a later date. In the meantime, revised webinar versions are available on request or we can cover similar ground in one or two individual virtual coaching sessions.

When face-to-face is once again permitted, sessions will be available in your own offices (or other venue at additional cost) at a time of your choosing for 3-4 hours during office hours, on request.


Your choice of dates when held in your offices.


This workshop is not currently open for online booking. Please  email us with any enquiry  concerning webinars.


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Powerful Persuasion

In webinar form for 2021

Influencing and persuading is something we all do every day. Most of us want to become better at it so we can develop better work relationships in which our expertise is invited and valued.

This workshop explores the language and psychology of persuasion - particularly how to use language to guide thought and attention. It combines theory, practice and insights from cognitive psychology - helping you become more aware of the approaches, language patterns and beliefs most likely to succeed in influence situations.

Overall you will learn:
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  • Powerful language skills for clarifying, challenging and inspiring others
  • How to steer energy away from problems and onto outcomes and solutions
  • What has to be true for you to lead and influence others
  • How to prepare for and handle difficult conversations
  • Draw on the best practices of top leaders  – exploring other people’s needs at deeper levels to make real progress

This is now available as a short webinar where a team of 4- 6 is ideal to provide a practice group and a dynamic exchange of ideas.  The session will provide insights, practices and feedback.


This is available in webinar form. Please  email us with your enquiry and preferred dates.


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Language and leadership
Fruitful Conversations help you tell your
industry’s story
Language and Leadership
Influence with integrity


'We can shape events in each other’s minds with remarkable precision.'
Stephen Pinker, Cognitive Scientist
and Author of The Stuff of Thought

'Our ability to link mind to mind by
language …….. is one of the glories
of the human species.'

Richard Dawkins, Biologist and Chair of
the Public Understanding of Science


We help you

  • Use the kind of language and leadership that build credibility and emotional connection
  • Draw more explicitly on some fundamental processes that underlie all speech and writing
  • Understand how we process and relate to information before we will act on it
  • Learn how to use language more specifically to guide and focus thought.


Our approach combines theory and practice from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Linguistics, Communications Psychology and Authentic Leadership.

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