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REACH out: Leadership is conversation

People will only ever follow you as a leader if you have their trust and emotional proximity.

Most successful leaders intuitively and continuously cycle through five styles of conversation that help them build high quality relationships and draw others towards them.

And although these leaders may not know it, there are significant neurobiological and evolutionary mechanisms behind this which underline the fundamental importance of these types of conversation. Essentially, these translate to ..... [December 2018] » Read more
  • familiarity and intimacy build safety;
  • feelings of being valued and empowered build motivation

Your most profound duty as a leader is to build quality relationships and to minimise threat


The REACH approach takes a look at successful leadership behaviour and provides five areas of focus for everyday and important conversations. It supplies a rule of thumb and an easy way into a different, richer view of communication.


Why use REACH?

  • A practical tool providing an easy way to remember important behaviours in the moment
  • Helps you achieve your main leadership duty of building trusting relationships
  • Provides a framework for learning essential leadership skills


REACH in the workplace

We hold masterclasses, training and coaching on how to bring this approach into your team or organisation, how to get started practically and – importantly – how to develop the component skills. We also explain something of the neurobiology of change and motivation.


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