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Fruitful Conversations


Who we are...who we work with

We help organisations generate results by bringing new approaches to communication and leadership.

Our clients want their people to be genuinely excited about the difference they can make in the world of work.

They also want a clear vision and the skills to engage their customers, colleagues and stakeholders in worthwhile dialogue.
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Workshops for energy and vision

A tried and tested way of gaining clarity about the difference your organisation wants to make.

A way to enthuse and develop teams

An enjoyable route to developing skills and best practices in communication and leadership.

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Create the future you want

Our coaching helps you find new frameworks for understanding people and situations helping you connect with others, communicate more genuinely and achieve results.

If you have a challenge and want to give yourself the best possible chance of success, coaching could be for you.

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» Why present like a storyteller?
Storytelling is the language our human brains use to make sense of the world.

» Avoid creating an elephant in the room
How to stay on track when announcing change.

» RBS & Novartis invest in narrative
The Royal Bank of Scotland, Novartis, Transport for London and the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics are among our most recent clients to take advantage of our narrative mastery programme.

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